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Decontamination Services

Hydrocarbon Decontamination

RISAL in partnership with Terrachem USA offers the leading decontamination package available to the oil refining and petrochemical industries today. A truly effective and environmentally friendly decontamination formulation, expert technical support, and very competitive pricing, all contribute to significantly reduce the time and cost of plant turnarounds for the oil refining and petrochemical industries.

Mercury Decontamination

Working in partnership with international experts No Heat Resources, RISAL offer a full and comprehensive Mercury Management and Decontamination. RISAL’s HAZMAT can be deployed to work as part of the T&I group to plan and develop a mercury management strategy for any plant. 


Norm Decontamination

RISAL has developed the appropriate safe operating procedures and local rules encompassing the necessary methodology and controls to undertake NORM removal and/or decontamination.

NORM contaminated equipment requires to be cleaned efficiently to either reduce or remove the NORM residue to a minimum level (ALARP).

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