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The success, or otherwise, of any cathodic protection (CP) solution begins with the design process. A major cause of premature CP system failure is inadequate and/or inappropriate system design.


At RISS, we maintain full time engineering staff who are well versed in the field of CP engineering. We invest in our people via training and industry recognized professional certification schemes to ensure that our engineers' knowledge remains at the leading edge of current technology. We turn our extensive knowledge into added value solutions for the long-term benefit of our clients, and ultimately, the environment.

RISS undertakes the preparation of conceptual and detailed design packages which typically include:

  • Pre-design site assessment and surveys

  • Presentation of design concepts

  • Detailed engineering calculations

  • Bills of materials and materials specifications

  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance procedures

  • Provisional or detailed cost presentation

  • Construction drawings

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Materials and Equipment Supply

Materials and Equipment Supply
Materials and Equipment Supply.jpg

The best CP system designs deserve the best equipment and materials in order to ensure that the desired system operating life is achieved. At RISS, we ensure that we maintain our awareness and knowledge of state of the art developments in CP equipment and materials technology.


But we are also careful not to lose sight of the basics – sometimes the "tried and tested" approach is the most appropriate. We offer our clients a commitment that we will supply the most cost-effective CP materials and equipment while meeting the technical needs of the design.

Either via our in-house capabilities or through our technology partners, we are able to offer CP materials and equipment which meet the requirement of the most rigorous regional and international standards including:


Impressed Current Anodes:

  • RISS is a stockist and distributor of a complete range of anotec high silicon cast iron anodes, including the technically advanced "Centertec" tubular chill cast anodes

  • Continuous polymeric anodes

  • Mixed metal oxide coated titanium (MMO/Ti) anodes, tubular, ribbon, wire, etc.


Sacrificial Anodes:

  • Magnesium

  • Aluminum

  • Zinc


System Power Supplies:

  • Transformer-rectifiers

  • Photovoltaic power supplies


System Ancillary Equipment:

  • Junction boxes

  • Test facilities

  • Insulation devices

  • Reference electrodes

  • Remote monitoring modules


With our extensive experience of the cathodic protection supply market, we are able to advise and assist with the procurement of a wide range of CP related materials and equipment, from a global supply base.

Engineering Services, Installation, Testing and Commissioning

Engineering Services, Installation, Testing and Commissioning

In today's industrial environment, the successful, on-time and on- budget completion of major projects depends on many deliverables from a vast range of engineering disciplines and contractors. It is vital to the success of any project that every contractor, from the largest to the smallest, performs to client expectations.


With a solid track record and an extensive list of project and client references, RISS is capable of undertaking the installation, testing and commissioning of CP systems on the most demanding of projects.

Our experienced site engineering team work to the highest standards of technical excellence to ensure that, from the smallest to the largest project, we exceed client expectations in terms of quality, safety and project schedule needs.

Engineering Services, Installation, Test

Surveys, Monitoring and Maintenance

Surveys, Monitoring and Maintenance
Surveys, Monitoring and Maintenance.jpg

RISS' commitment to its list of clients doesn't end when the project is complete. We offer a comprehensive range of monitoring and maintenance services to ensure that our systems remain in excellent operating condition. RISS is able to carry out in-depth investigative and troubleshooting activities to evaluate any system's effectiveness.



RISS has the capacity to perform:

  • Potential surveys

  • Current distribution surveys

  • Current requirement testing

  • Coating evaluation

  • Swain meter surveys

  • Re-bar potential mapping

  • Geonics surveys

  • Routine system maintenance and adjustments

  • Interference testing

  • Location and mapping of underground services

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