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Strategic alliances with specialized European and US companies which complement and strengthen RISAL’s resources and capabilities has further improved and expanded the range of products and services, simultaneously facilitating technology transfer, a strategy that will continue to be vigorously pursued.

Specialty Chemicals

RISAL have teamed up with the innovative chemical manufacturer to bring specialty chemical solutions to our clients. No Heat offer a unique range of environmentally friendly products to provide solutions to the petrochemical industry to improve safety and process.​

  • Hydrascav permits removal of H2S from oil, water and gas streams and can be used in a range of application to not only improve safety but reduce corrosion potential and running costs. This product has applications all the way from drilling to downstream process and is even used as a cost effective alternative to sour strippers in some areas.

  • MeDeX is a bio-degradable, non toxic, non corrosive agent used to rapidly convert elemental mercury into stable salts. It can be applied in vapour or liquid phase to rapidly reduce mercury vapour and provide a safe working environments. Applied in conjunction with RISAL’s specially trained HAZMAT teams a full Mercury Decontamination Service is offered to our clients.

Hydrocarbon Decontamination

RISAL have a long standing exclusive partnership with leading Hydrocarbon Decontamination specialists TerraChem offers the top decontamination package available to the oil refining and petrochemical industries today. A truly effective and environmentally friendly decontamination formulation, expert technical support, and very competitive pricing, all contribute to significantly reduce the time and cost of plant turnarounds for the oil refining and petrochemical industries.

UltraSonic Cleaning

RISAL have entered into an exclusive agreement with CREST Oil and Gas to provide ultrasonic cleaning services and solutions to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical sector in Saudi Arabia. With years of international experience Crest are the leading supplier of Ultrasonic Cleaning solutions to the sector. The agreement ensures that RISAL can now offer the latest technology in cleaning of complex components, heat exchangers, process filters, packings in a safe and efficient manner.

Automatic Tank Cleaning

In line with our commitment to investment in technology, safety and the environment RISAL have agreed a partnership with Sky Gulf to introduce Automated Tank Cleaning Services. Using the latest proven technology RISAL can now clean the largest crude and fuel oil tanks without the need for confined space entry. Modeling each individual tank a procedure is developed to ensure the most efficient process is employed to clean the tank and return to service with the minimum down time.

Oil is drawn from the vessel and circulated through our containerised pumping and heating system and reinjected to the vessel through a special cleaning nozzle arrangement breaking down the sludge. The product is then separated to recover over 90% hydrocarbon from the sludge leaving only non-contaminated solids and water. The recovered hydrocarbon is returned to the client as useable product ensuring the cleaning exercise is not only efficient but also cost effective. Reducing downtime, improving safety and environmental practice in a cost effective manner, RISAL offer the complete solution in tank cleaning services.

Steam Blow Co

RISAL have been providing Steam Blowing Services in Saudi Arabia for 10 years and recognize the critical nature of this activity. In order to maintain the highest level of service RISAL maintain an exclusive agreement with to provide engineering support and consultancy services to ensure safe execution of the most complex projects. Steam Blow Co have some of the most experienced steam blowing experts in the world and our alliance provides the confidence to execute the most critical works throughout the Middle East.

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