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Pipeline Hydrotesting and Drying Case Study

RISAL were presented with a challenge when our client demanded that a newly constructed pipeline be filled, hydrotested, dewatered, cleaned and dried to -40C dew point all within a 7 day window.

The line was 16” diameter and 14Km long and construction was due to complete within 10 days. Always keen to support our clients and help them meet critical milestones RISAL engineers set to work developing a unique procedure to achieve the clients goal.

Bringing together our range of services under one project team 300m3 of temporary storage tanks and 12 water tankers were mobilized along with pigging equipment and temporary launchers and receivers.


The line was successfully flooded and brought to pressure without a single air pocket allowing for rapid progress into hydrotest. The line was dewatered by our pigging specialists then the drying commenced. Using the unique procedure developed by our fluid engineers and modelled on our software we were able to achieve dry air velocities in the line of up to 118m/s simultaneously cleaning the line and achieving -40C dew point in record time. The clients milestone deadline was met and the satisfaction of meeting this challenge enjoyed by all.

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