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Specialist Pumping Application to support Hydrocracker

Our client had a planned shutdown on their crude unit for 35 days maintenance. The crude unit supplied feedstock for the hydrocracker and the client needed to avoid shutting down the hydrocracker and needed a solution to ensure delivery of 730MBD of feedstock.


Local storage at the unit was insufficient to meet this requirement and as such a solution was devised to provide storage at a tank farm some 7Km away. RISAL engineers modelled available pipework to design considering the required flows, head losses and fluid characteristics to provide sufficient data to accurately determine the required pumping capacity. Relevant sections of the selected piping route where hydromilled to permit the product changeover to VGO and the specialist pumping arrangements installed with 100% over capacity considering the critical nature of the activity. The shutdown proceeded as planned and in continual communication with operations RISAL ensured that sufficient VGO feedstock was delivered to permit uninterrupted operation of the Hydrocracker. Another unique challenge and another satisfied client.

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