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Quality Policy

RISAL is committed to provide the highest quality Industrial Cleaning Services, Waste Management Services, NDT & Heat Treatment Services, Cathodic Protection, Inspection Services, and other solutions to our clients.

RISAL applies critical and objective risk management to identify areas of improvement, defines solutions, implements suitable preventive and corrective actions, and reviews the effects of such areas.

RISAL ensures that this process is a continuous and integral part of our operations, and we manage the performance of our suppliers and service providers to ensure that their approach is in alignment with the objectives set by RISAL.

RISAL is fully committed to:

  • Providing ‘best in class’ services from a technological and environmental perspective to achieve highest customer satisfaction

  • Complying with all legislative and regulatory requirements within the Gulf Co-operative Council region

  • Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing Quality objectives.

  • Complying with all ISO 9001 standard requirements, and continuously improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management system

  • Communicate this policy to all RISAL employees, Service providers and suppliers. 

  • Reviewing this Quality Policy and Quality Management System for continuing suitability

Abdullah Alsayed
Managing Director
Review Date: 16-02-2023


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