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Health, Safety and Environment Policy

RISAL is committed to provide the highest quality of Industrial Cleaning Services, Waste Management Services, NDT & Heat Treatment Services, Cathodic Protection, Inspection Services, and other solutions to our clients. In so doing, we aim to achieve this primary objective while safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of our most important asset, our employees, and in an environmentally sustainable manner.

We will continually improve on our HSE performance by operating an effective Health, Safety and Environment Management System. We will therefore work tirelessly to ensure our workplaces, and range of environmentally beneficial services remain at the cutting-edge of technology and best practice.

RISAL is committed to:

  • Providing ‘best in class’ services from a technological and HSE perspective

  • Eliminating significant risk where reasonably practicable, & where this is not, adopting a suitable hierarchy of risk control

  • Prevent injury, ill health, accidental damage, protect the environment and prevent pollution by identifying and controlling all significant risks and aspects associated with our business

  • Fulfilling our compliance obligations to all interested parties

  • Setting/reviewing all objectives that maybe necessary to implement this policy and establish an effective HSEMS and to meet the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018

  • Communicating and consulting with employees and other interested parties on the requirements of this policy to the extent that is required to meet our objectives

  • Ensuring competence and instilling a positive culture at all levels via education/training, two-way communication and a “no blame culture”

  • Giving employees the right to STOP WORK, where there is a genuine belief that the worker, members of the public or environment is subject to a serious and imminent risk of harm

  • Monitoring/reviewing our HSE policy and our HSE management system as often as necessary to ensure our objectives are achieved and continual improvement is maintained

Abdullah Alsayed

Managing Director

Review Date: 16-02-2023

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