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Shutdown and T&I Services

Shutdown Services

With over 40 years of experience utilizing a diverse multi skilled workforce, specialized equipment and services, RISAL offers full shutdown and turnaround services under a single umbrella. Our teams of experienced engineers and planners work in partnership with the client from planning through to execution following the key shutdown drivers of Safety, Quality and Schedule. With our combined services RISAL can execute full blind to blind services minimizing downtime with our range of cutting edge technologies and highly trained staff. Offering the below services RISAL deliver shutdown solutions to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries:

Catalyst Handling

Catalyst Handling

RISALs team of skilled catalysts technicians utilize the latest equipment and technology to perform blind to blind unloading and loading services for all types of catalyst reactors from driers to hydrocrackers and tubular reformers to Ethylene Oxide Reactors. Following a rigorous training program in our own simulator, our technicians acquire the skills to perform complex and arduous activities under inert conditions using the latest in Life Support Systems.

RISALs equipment is designed to provide the maximum efficiency whilst minimizing catalyst attrition and exposure to personnel. Offering traditional sock loading methods alongside dense and unidense loading technologies RISAL provides the full range of catalyst handling services for all situations. 

Heat Exchanger Services

Heat Exchanger Service

RISAL offer full blind to blind heat exchanger services combining our mechanical services with our bundle extractors and hydro-jetting technologies to offer a one -stop- shop solution. With a pulling capacity of 45te our bundle extractors are capable of handling most horizontal exchangers. Remotely operated these extractors safely and quickly pull the tube bundles to hand over to our hydro-jetting teams to provide the fastest turnaround times. 

High Pressure Water Jetting

High Pressure Water Jetting

In line with our commitment to the key drivers of Safety, Quality and Schedule, RISAL offer the latest in remote jetting technologies. Targeted at removing heat exchangers from the critical path this equipment removes the operator from the high pressure working end. 

This drastically reduces the risk whilst also permitting use of increased energy in a controlled fashion, to improve quality and reduce cleaning times. Operating multiple lances on individual exchangers cleaning times can be reduced by up to 4 times.

Air Cooled Condensers

The same philosophy of remote jetting technologies is applied to cleaning of fins fans and vertically mounted Air Cooled Condensers greatly   improving efficiency and reducing production costs. RISAL also offer foam cleaning and dry powder cleaning to provide the full range of options for improving fin fan efficiency. 

Surface Preparation

RISAL can provide cleaning and surface preparation on high level vertical surfaces such as tank walls without scaffolding. Operating at pressures up to 40,000psi the spider jet is controlled from the ground level to provide full surface coverage. The vacuum recovery system contains and removes all water and debris from the cleaning service without spillage. The system can be used to remove coatings for entire tank surfaces safely, efficiently and quickly. 

Cold Cutting

RISAL provide cold cutting services using high pressure water to cut through metal in situations where hot work is not permitted. Used in areas where there is a risk of hydrocarbon this technique is used to cut through pipework removing spools for replacement, creating access into tanks, removal of tank floor plates and can be adapted to almost any application . Cold cutting can be used to cut through any steel and without the thermal and mechanical stresses which can be experienced in other cutting methods. 

Hydro Milling

RISAL’s hydro milling services offer the best in pipe internal cleaning. Operating at up to 150,000psi and 70gpm the specially designed system can precisely clean large diameter pipework up to 72” negotiating multiple elbows and even vertical configurations.  The rotating hose system and specially designed cleaning heads ensure that the maximum cleaning force is delivered directly to the surface with precise control. Our technicians will design the cleaning heads for your specific application, be it detailed removal of mill scale to decoking process piping. 

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning

RISAL integrates an unparalleled 40+years of experience with the most advanced of equipment to provide outstanding results. Each project is pre-engineered to consider the optimal flow paths and chemistry tailored to the particular system metallurgy and contaminants, to design the safest and most efficient cleaning process. Our team of chemists control the process from our portable site laboratories located at the project site to ensure the cleaning is optimized and the clients equipment protected at all times. 

RISAL's fleet of equipment includes truck mounted chemical circulators providing a small footprint and minimal set up time – ideal for heat exchangers. We also carry a fleet of pumps  ranging  from 200gpm  up to

4000gpm and storage tanks up to 200m3 capacity. Our equipment and pipework can be combined by our engineers to match up to any size system.

Performing degreasing, acid cleaning, pickling, solvent cleaning and other specialty chemical processes RISAL offer the best chemical cleaning and corrosion protection solutions for heat exchangers, HRSG’s, furnaces, boilers, condensers and pipework for pre-commissioning and maintenance. 

Hydrocarbon Decontamination

Hydrocarbon Decontamination

RISAL offers a comprehensive hydrocarbon decontamination package to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries. Utilizing a biodegradable chemical RISAL will engineer in conjunction with client operations to accelerate the site shut down time and achieve.

  • Zero LEL

  • Zero H2S

  • Benzene <1ppm

  • Zero Pyrophoric Material

Compatible will all metallurgies the decontamination process will not only degas the units in accelerated but will also remove oil and sludge to reduce subsequent cleaning times. Operating in vapor or liquid phase RISAL’s decontamination services will be engineered to suit the client specific needs including Crude, Vacuum, De-cooker, Hydro-cracker, Visbreaker, and Olefins units.

Mercury Decontamination

Mercury Decontamination

Recognizing our clients latest requirements, RISAL offer a comprehensive Mercury Management and Decontamination package. Our Hazmat team can mobilize to site to provide monitoring, mapping and full decontamination services for vessels, columns, tanks and MRU’s. Utilizing trained staff, stringent procedures and specialist patented chemicals RISAL are able to safely contain, decontaminate and safely remove your mercury concerns. The HAZMAT can be deployed as an integral part of turnaround & inspection to plan and develop a mercury management strategy for all types of plants.

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) Decontamination

Norm Decontamination

RISAL's NORM decontamination services are specially designed to meet the demanding environment of the Middle East. Providing a fully mobile facility, RISAL are able to set up this specialist service in even most remote location, minimizing the clients need to transport contaminated equipment. Using remotely operated cleaning technologies, the operators are fully protected as the tubulars, downhole and process equipment are decontaminated back to background levels of radiation. All waste is contained within the system and packaged in UN approved containers for subsequent disposal or storage. Waste is minimized by design, using a closed loop recycling system.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning

In line with our commitment to introducing the latest technologies, RISAL offer Ultrasonic Cleaning Services. Used in conjunction with specially designed chemistry the ultrasonic cleaning bath offers improved cleaning quality and time. Of particular benefit to complex components such as pumps, valves, packings, demisters, process filters and heat exchangers the ultrasonic cleaning technology is able to penetrate into every area of the component removing debris without damage to the valuable equipment. Components can be delivered to RISALs facility for cleaning or the bath can be mobilized to the client site for shutdowns campaigns or located permanently in the maintenance shops. 

Tank Cleaning and Maintenance

Tank Cleaning

In line with our commitment to investment in technology, safety and the environment RISAL have agreed a partnership with Sky Gulf to introduce Automated Tank Cleaning Services. Using the latest proven technology RISAL can now clean the largest crude and fuel oil tanks without the need for confined space entry. Modeling each individual tank a procedure is developed to ensure the most efficient process is employed to clean the tank and return to service with the minimum down time. Oil is drawn from the vessel and circulated through our containerised pumping and heating system and reinjected to the vessel through a special cleaning nozzle arrangement breaking down the sludge. The product is then separated to recover over 90% hydrocarbon from the sludge leaving only non-contaminated solids and water. The recovered hydrocarbon is returned to the  as useable product ensuring the cleaning exercise is not only efficient but also cost effective. Reducing downtime, improving safety and environmental practice in a cost effective manner, RISAL offer the complete solution in tank cleaning services.

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