Pre-Commissioning Services

Combining several of RISAL's specialty services and years of experience we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive pre-commissioning package under a single contract structure. Our engineers work closely with our clients to understand the project requirements, considering acceptance criteria and schedule to develop to most effective cleaning strategies.  Selecting and combining the below listed services RISAL can offer the highest quality in the shortest time at the best value. 

Chemical Cleaning


RISAL integrates an unparalleled 40+years of experience with the most advanced of equipment to provide outstanding results. Each project is pre-engineered to consider the optimal flow paths and chemistry tailored to the particular system metallurgy and contaminants, to design the safest and most efficient cleaning process. Our team of chemists control the process from our portable site laboratories located at the project site to ensure the cleaning is optimized and the clients equipment protected at all times. 

RISAL's fleet of equipment includes truck mounted chemical circulators providing a small footprint and minimal set up time – ideal for heat exchangers. We also carry a fleet of pumps  ranging  from 200gpm  up to

4000gpm and storage tanks up to 200m3 capacity. Our equipment and pipework can be combined by our engineers to match up to any size system.

Performing degreasing, acid cleaning, pickling, solvent cleaning and other specialty chemical processes RISAL offer the best chemical cleaning and corrosion protection solutions for heat exchangers, HRSG’s, furnaces, boilers, condensers and pipework for pre-commissioning and maintenance. 



RISAL’s hydro milling services offer the best in pipe internal cleaning. Operating at up to 150,000psi and 70gpm the specially designed system can precisely clean large diameter pipework up to 72” negotiating multiple elbows and even vertical configurations.  The rotating hose system and specially designed cleaning heads ensure that the maximum cleaning force is delivered directly to the surface with precise control. Our technicians will design the cleaning heads for your specific application, be it detailed removal of mill scale to decoking process piping. 

Lube Oil Flushing


From our years of pre-commissioning and maintenance experience RISAL has designed new Lube Oil skids to meet all our clients requirements. The high velocity pumps operate at flow rates of up to 200m3/hour to ensure the maximum turbulence and cleaning force. The self-contained skids possess on line filtration, heating and particle counters to monitor the progress to achieve the required NAS standard in the shortest time. For more complex projects our engineers can model the fluid mechanics of the system to ensure that the desired Reynolds Number is achieved in all parts of the system. For pre-commissioning purposes the same skid can be used for chemical cleaning and pressure testing providing a one stop solution. 

Pipe Line Services


As part of our commitment to offering a full range of solutions to our clients RISAL has diversified into pipeline services in recent years. Maintaining our approach to safety and quality RISAL can offer pneumatic testing, hydro-testing, pigging, chemical cleaning drying and nitrogen purging. Pigs are specifically designed to match the pipeline design, product to be removed and cleaning specification to be achieved. From de-cruding to pre-commissioning, including dual diameter lines, RISAL are able to engineer the most efficient solution to your pipeline requirements. 

Pressure Testing


As part of its complete pre-commissioning package RISAL can offer a full pressure testing services. RISAL carry stock of a wide range of fully rated test blinds and can supply full mechanical preparations alongside the actual pressure testing services. Providing full test pack documentation, RISAL’s services comply with the highest QA/QC standards from engineering through to execution. RISAL provide both hydrotesting and pneumatic testing in line with international standards ensuring delivery of a safe service on equipment, vessels and pipelines.

Steam Air Blowing


RISAL has embraced the latest advancements in professionally engineered and executed steam blow services available internationally. Offering a fully engineered service RISALs specialists model the fluid mechanics on the latest software to ensure the most effective and safe steam blow conditions are met. RISAL can provide piping design and engineering as required to match to it range of acoustic silencers and quench attemperation systems. Our engineers will work closely with your plant operators throughout the execution process, monitoring the success through the software modelling and remotely operated target insertors, with results available in real time on site. 

Applying similar principles and fluid engineering RISAL can deliver engineered air blows to the most complex systems. Modelling the flows and pressures in conjunction with its purpose build actuated valves RISAL engineers can control the energy to prove the maximum velocities and cleaning forces have been imparted on all areas of the system.