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Industrial Services

Catalyst Handling

RISAL acknowledge the importance of keeping reactor downtime to a minimum and work to insure that all catalyst change outs are completed on time with operator efficiency & safety paramount.

High Pressure Water Jetting

RISAL own and operate water jetting pumps with pressures up to 40,000 psi and flows of up to 75 gallons per minute. A combination of this equipment, operator skill and technique allow RISAL to guarantee excellent cleaning result every time.

Bundle Pulling

RISAL operate a fleet of aerial mounted bundle pullers.  RISAL can extract bundle up to 45 tonnes in weight and 9m length and up to 3m diameter. Bundles can be extracted quickly and safely using remotely operate controls.

Tank Cleaning

RISAL provides complete tank cleaning and maintenance programs by working in alliance with strategic partners. Project management of the tank maintenance program provides the customer with a single contact point and seamless interface between cleaning, repair, inspection and painting.

On-line Leak Sealing

RISAL has an acknowledged reputation developed through proven successes. The leaks of steam, hydrocarbons, gases and chemical products can be sealed, quickly and efficiently on-line and without shutting down plant and equipment or reducing pressure to prevent costly shutdown.

Waste Management

RISAL has provided waste management services from the company’s inception. RISAL believe that all wastes have to be uplifted, transported and disposed of safely and in a way that complies with appropriate legislation and causes no harm to the environment.

Pipeline Services

RISAL offer pipeline pigging, hydro testing, pneumatic testing, drying and purging on all sizes of lines. Pigs are designed specifically for the line in question taking into consideration the product, cleaning standard and line configuration to ensure the most effective execution.

Pump Hire and Dewatering

RISAL operate a fleet of high quality well maintained pumps consisting of dewatering pumps, high head jetting pumps, electric submersibles and pneumatic diaphragm pumps.  These pumps are available for direct hire or as part of a turnkey dewatering service.

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